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Icons of Regeneration Series

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The Regeneration Generation Initiative is a project of Shakti Regeneration Institute is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to ecosystem preservation and regeneration worldwide, empowering indigenous, marginalized peoples. Focusing on three of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): ecosystems, equality, and education - we utilize the powers of partnerships, nature-based solutions, science, technology, storytelling, art, film, and social movement marketing, to maximize change for good.


Empowering Indigenous-led and women-led regeneration, our vision is awakening public consciousness, shifting cultural attitudes, and transforming behavior through impactful art, education, advocacy, and innovation. We build transformative influence and mobilize social movements to create a more just, equitable, and sustainable world. 




Shakti Empowerment Education Foundation (SEEschool) and Ramakrishna Vidyapith have offices in New York, USA, and were founded in 1994 in West Bengal, India. We provide regenerative equality-based empowerment education, literacy, and neurodiversity education, vocational training, micro-financing, homeopathic medicine, anti-trafficking, and frontline community support for low-income women, children, marginalized and Indigenous communities. Our foundation has supported over 8,000 students' education and inspired people worldwide with over 1.8 billion impressions of our multimedia images, films, and public service announcements.



Our work is recognized by organizations including the United Nations with a 2018 Women’s Entrepreneurship Distinguished Fellowship, at the Global People's Summit, and the Science Summit at the United Nations; by Rotary International with its Max Mark-Cranbrook 2019 Global Peace Makers Award; a CNN Expose Best Picture Award, at the Harvard University, Kennedy School Carr Center's Pride & Progress Symposium, Princeton University's The Art of Social Justice; the Tribeca Film Festival 2019 Disruptive Innovation Award, and as X-PRIZE Rainforest Semifinalists 2023 (ACTNOW Amazonas Team).

"It is Nature that can save us all."

Puwe Puyanawa, Chief Vision Officer



Thanks to your support, our students are back at SEEschool after COVID19 and thriving. As the pandemic disproportionately afflicted the lowest-income women and children, with increased threats of food insecurity, child marriage, domestic violence, and trafficking, we continue to provide essential support including nutrition, health, and education. Now they face a threat greater than COVID: ecosystems collapsee and climate catastrophe. So Shakti Regeneration Institute (SRI) has advanced initiatives to protect rainforests, critical to preserving climate, and is educating students of all ages on how they can support regeneration, for brighter futures for their communities and the world.

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